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♠Deep in the dark depths of every metropolis a secret pact has formed. Their voices shall remain silent and their actions will bring the inevitable apocalypse. They who stray away from their faith must be punished and become one with the beast. Only these who understand what is to come will flourish on the dead corpse of society.♠

The Graveyard Shift is a walking sim horror game made for the HPS1 Wretched Weekend 1 Jam.

Music by:
⮚Jon of the Shred (@JonoftheShred)
⮚Toni Hughes (@duck_bubbles)

⮚Follow me on twitter: @Neurobew

⮚Previous project: KILLER BEES


TheGraveyardShift.7z 57 MB


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I Was Hoping That There Was Gonna Be A Jumpscare In This Game, But It Was Still Overall A Good Game And The Sewers Was Kinda Scary NGL. Keep Up The Good Work Man!👍🔥 (Here's My Gameplay On It)


Really nice game, Enjoyed playing it.

Glad you did! Thanks for playing!


I really enjoyed the game!! Good work!! Have a great day guys!! :D

Awesome!! Thanks for playing!


I had a great time playing. The ambiance was done very well and keeping you on edge throughout the game. Was hoping for a few jumpscares but I had a great time playing it for sure! The sewers were super creepy!

Ohh thanks for the kind words! It was more of an atmospheric vignette with an unsettling turn, so that's why there weren't any jumpscares.
Thanks for playing!


Aww gotcha! That makes total sense then! You hit the nail on the head!


had a lot of fun with this, those dark sewers freak me out lol


Glad you had fun! Thanks for playing!


Very cool horror game!  I really like the style for this game!  I thought the objectives in the game were good too. 


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed the game!

As for the lag spikes, I haven't had someone else mention that issue and didn't encounter it when testing myself. Could be that it happens with certain hardware configs. The game itself can run on anything moderately modern though. I guess it just happens sometimes, who knows. :P


I NEED ANSWERS FOR THE ENDING *smashes keyboard* but it was a good game!

They lie within the game itself I'm afraid haha!
Thanks for playing!!


Hi, I'm currently making a series where I play through every game submitted to the Wretched Weekend Jam, and yours was the 59th game I played!

This game was amazingly good, especially for something made in such a small amount of time! It's really well fleshed out, has a great atmosphere, interesting and creepy story, awesome PS1 graphics and sweet soundtrack and audio. 
It's also a good length for a jam game too, had a lot more to it than I expected. One little issue was a door towards the end that I swear I clicked on but didn't register the first time. But, other than that, excellent.

You really smashed it out the park with this one, and I really can't wait to finally get around to the Haunted PS1 Jam and play Killer Bees. 

Here's the video for those interested (time stamps in description):

Wow thanks for the kind words!!
Yeah Jon and Toni are really talented folks, that's why the soundtrack is so awesome! It's short but with only 2 days to make something I'm pretty satisfied with the length. It doesn't outstay it's welcome as well that way.
The door trigger is a known issue for some people, Sometimes it doesn't trigger when being super close to the door.
Thanks for playing!!

NEUROBEW! Long time no see, i remember watching your indie games and strobovski videos i really liked them. You didn't disappoint anyone, seems like everyone has gotten into game development now, even JayskiBean.

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Hey! Yeah I don't do YT that much, if at all, now. I guess you folks can play the games I make instead of watching me playing other people's games haha.

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Can you please add killer bees demo in this page, it takes long to download the haunted ps1 demo disk to play killer bees, I just want the game I dont want to play the game from haunted ps1 demo disk


Was finally able to give it a go

Sweet! Thanks for playing!!


slow but cool! 6th game in video, timecode 19:39

Thanks for playing Iwan!!



The text is glitched out through the bottom of the screen, making only the top two pixels visible, therefore making all text unreadable.


changing my aspect ratio to 4:3 fixed it

It's a known scaling issue with Unity and some display drivers unfortunately! Glad you got it working though!

is a mac release down the line?

Unfortunately, I'm afraid that a mac port won't happen.


Amazing modeling and texture work. It successfully subverted my expectations as to when the scares would happen, which I appreciated. I'm amazed by how much content you could fit into this game given the length of the jam. Great job.

Thank you for the kind words!!
I tried to make it kinda unpredictable in a way. The nature of the story was such so it wouldn't be something expected. So I'm glad it did come across like that!
Thanks for playing!


The game really does look great, doesn't it?



Thanks for playing!!

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Ahhh, Ioved this! I had trouble opening doors sometimes (I think if you're too close it wont work?), but otherwise it was a smooth experience. The atmosphere and graphics are spot on! I actually got really early Dreamcast vibes from the beginning. Like Tomato convenient store at 3am lol. Kinda want a legit supermarket sim with these graphics... Anyway, great job!


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!
Yeah I know the issue you're talking about. A specific door needs some tweaking, so I'll probably push a fix for that!
Ohh now I can totally see the tomato convenience store from Shenmue at 3am vibe!


good game its really enjoyable

please check out my channel

Thanks for playing!

you're welcome bro


Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

Yep the game is finished!

That was amazing! By the way, are there multiple endings?

Glad you enjoyed it! Nope. there is only 1 ending.

Another question: are you planning on updating the Killer Bees? If the game is finished and no additional content is needed, I might play it now!

Yes, the demo of Killer Bees is final. The full game will come out in the future.